Protect Your New Windshield Replacement

Since American Windshield specializes in windshield replacement, I want to make sure our customers are aware of simple tips on protecting your windshield.   Regardless if your windshield is a replacement or a recently repaired windshield, as our customer, your safety and satisfaction is our top priority.  We want to help you maintain and preserve your windshield and auto glass for as long as possible.

Most drivers don’t realize that maintaining your wiper blades is essential to windshield maintenance.  We recommend replacing your car’s wiper blades every six to nine months to ensure your vehicle’s safety.  Every other visit you make to get your vehicle’s oil changed; make it a habit to ask your local technician to check your wiper blades.  If you live in Phoenix, AZ or Tucson, AZ, your wiper blades will dry out within 9-12 months.  If you live in Portland, OR, your wiper blades will need replacing due to excessive use. 

If you ignore your wiper blades and they wear out before they are replaced, they can scratch your newly replaced windshield.  More importantly, poor wiper blades put you and your passengers in danger.  If you get caught in a thunderstorm this summer, your visibility will be obstructed by blowing rain and dirt.  If you buy your own wiper blades and are not quite sure how to properly install them, ask our auto glass specialist for assistance.  We will be happy to assist you.  Regardless if you live in Boston, MA or Tampa, FL, purchase new wiper blades that have at least a 1-year guarantee. 

By maintaining your wiper blades, you are extending the life of your auto glass.  As you know, damage to your vehicle’s windshield is always unexpected.  American Windshield is always ready to assist you with your windshield replacement and auto glass repair needs. 


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