Why You Should Get Your Windshield Replacement Immediately

The obvious answer to why you should get a windshield replacement is safety.  You may not notice those small cracks or chips at first but they will eventually lead to larger ones.  This can block your safe driving view which can cause an accident.  If you have a cracked windshield and you do get into an accident, your auto glass will break into billions of tiny pieces in your vehicle, increasing your safety risk.  If you have passengers in your automobile, the damage can also be more severe to them. 

When you see a chip in your windshield, call American Windshield immediately to get an instant quote for a windshield replacement if you cannot get the chip repaired.  Don’t wait to get our quote because the longer you wait, the worse your car windshield will get.  After we give you a quote, we recommend avoiding driving if possible until we have installed your replacement windshield.  Whether you work that day or not, we provide free mobile windshield installation at your convenience.  We want you to have the peace of mind that your new car windshield is safely secured to your vehicle. 

For Auto Insurance Claims:

We will send you a check for up to $250.00 for your new windshield on all approved claims.  This is a real check for you to save it or spend it. 

For Cash Paying Customers:

Get a brand new, high quality windshield replacement for as little at $159.00! 


About Us:

American Windshield is a family owned Windshield Replacement and Auto Glass Repair Company headquartered in Phoenix, AZ.  Our local auto glass specialists provide free mobile auto glass replacement and repair service to residents of Boston, MA, Tampa, FL, Jacksonville, FL, Denver, CO, Phoenix, AZ, Tucson, AZ, San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR.  We accept all insurance carriers and offer deep cash discounts.  Call 800-381-9840 to schedule an appointment today. 

Replace your cracked​ windshield or auto glass and receive a cash bonus of up to $250!!

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