Summer Travel Tips for our Auto Glass Customers

summer travel tips

After a long, hard winter for most of the country, it’s hard to believe that spring is here.  Along with spring time comes time to give your car a little TLC.  Before you know it, you and your family will be hitting the road from summer fun.  Make sure your car is in proper running order.

First, check your windshield for any cracks or chips.  If you do have any, call an auto glass company, like American Windshield to repair any damage before they spread.  Small cracks or chips can be repaired to almost like new again.  If they are too big to repair, schedule an appointment for free mobile service to your home or office and we’ll get you back on the road fast and safely.

Once your auto glass claim has been approved and processed by your insurance company, American Windshield will mail you a check for up to $250.  A real check that you can save or cash.  For an instant auto glass quote, call us at 800.381.9840 or click on the button below for an online quote.

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Next, check each of your car’s tires for proper inflation and tread wear.  Colder temperatures naturally deflate your times and can cause dangerous driving conditions on wet pavement.  Tire tread provides the proper grip that helps prevent your car from sliding on the road.  An easy tire tread test is to use a penny and place it upside down in the tread.  If Lincoln’s head is covered, you still have good tread on your tires.

Finally, consider getting your tires rotated and realigned.  Depending on your vehicle and driving habits, your front and back tires can wear out differently.  This helps your tires wear evenly and improve driving efficiency.  If you live in a climate that goes through drastic temperature changes like Denver, CO or Boston, MA, you probably hit a few pot holes this winter.  Pot holes can create havoc on your alignment which results in handling problems.

We hope you have a fun and safe summer!

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