Auto Glass Break-Ins on the Rise in San Francisco

auto glass break ins san francisco

This article is a friendly reminder to all drivers to keep your valuables out of plain site in your vehicle. Temperatures are on the rise and more people are spending more time outside. However, in San Francisco, outside temperatures don’t seem to effect people. Auto glass break-ins are up 49% in the first two months alone this year!

“There really is no safe area anymore,” said Dave Theisen of Secureway Auto Glass on Bryant Street. “If you park somewhere there’s a chance you’re gonna get broken into. There just is.”

Unfortunately, some people will break your auto glass just to break-in. Don’t be an easy target! Keep all valuables out of your car and do not leave out any money or loose change, no matter how small the amount.

“Walk around the city, you do see a bunch of broken auto glass, and that’s any neighborhood,” explained San Francisco Police spokesman, Albie Esparza. “It certainly might be a hassle, but it should not be a part of parking in the city.”

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