American Windshield Repair and Replacement Service Stops Windshield Damage

American Windshield Repair and Replacement Service stops windshield damage from spreading further and leaves the seal around the glass intact. Windshield chip repair can save you from a more expensive windshield replacement service. When you lease expect it, a chipped windshield can develop into a large crack. That's why it's important to repair a windshield chip as soon as you spot it. The repair process will often take less than 30 minutes to complete and restores the structural integrity … [Read more...]

Auto Glass Goodyear, AZ

We offer FREE Mobile Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Service in Goodyear, AZ and it's surrounding communities.  Please call 480.237.9382 or fill out the short form below and earn up to $250 back on your new windshield. American Windshield is the name you can trust when it comes to auto glass repair and windshield replacement. Our auto glass technicians will travel to your location to fix your auto glass at no extra charge. We use only the best urethane materials to bond your glass so … [Read more...]

Auto Glass Repair Phoenix & Tucson – Up to $250 Back!

American Windshield is a premier windshield replacement and auto glass repair company in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ. Family Owned American Windshield is locally and family owned. We are a local business for all of your auto glass repair and replacement needs. We've built our business on referrals from customers and friends. We rely on our strong reputation to continue growing our business and to better service our local drivers. All Insurance Accepted If you have automobile insurance, … [Read more...]

Auto Glass Break-Ins on the Rise in San Francisco

This article is a friendly reminder to all drivers to keep your valuables out of plain site in your vehicle. Temperatures are on the rise and more people are spending more time outside. However, in San Francisco, outside temperatures don't seem to effect people. Auto glass break-ins are up 49% in the first two months alone this year! "There really is no safe area anymore," said Dave Theisen of Secureway Auto Glass on Bryant Street. "If you park somewhere there's a chance you're gonna get … [Read more...]

The Best Auto Glass Replacement

American Windshield is a family owned business specializing in high quality work, excellent customer service and guaranteed satisfaction with every windshield replacement and repair. We like to think we offer the best auto glass replacement service in your area. Our auto glass technicians will complete the installation right the first time. We replace all damaged windshields with a lifetime warranty on every new installation. Call 800.381.9840 for a no hassle auto glass quote and learn how you … [Read more...]

Summer Travel Tips for our Auto Glass Customers

After a long, hard winter for most of the country, it’s hard to believe that spring is here.  Along with spring time comes time to give your car a little TLC.  Before you know it, you and your family will be hitting the road from summer fun.  Make sure your car is in proper running order. First, check your windshield for any cracks or chips.  If you do have any, call an auto glass company, like American Windshield to repair any damage before they spread.  Small cracks or chips can be repaired … [Read more...]

Attention Windshield Replacement Customers

American Windshield wants you to have a complete understanding of our services and what goes into replacing your car windshield. The time we take to educate our customers is to ensure you feel confident our auto glass specialists will get the job done right every time. How long does an auto glass installation take? It usually takes up to one hour for our technician to install your new replacement windshield. After your new windshield has been installed, our auto glass technician will suggest … [Read more...]

Protect Your New Windshield Replacement

Since American Windshield specializes in windshield replacement, I want to make sure our customers are aware of simple tips on protecting your windshield.   Regardless if your windshield is a replacement or a recently repaired windshield, as our customer, your safety and satisfaction is our top priority.  We want to help you maintain and preserve your windshield and auto glass for as long as possible.Most drivers don’t realize that maintaining your wiper blades is essential to windshield … [Read more...]

Why You Should Get Your Windshield Replacement Immediately

The obvious answer to why you should get a windshield replacement is safety.  You may not notice those small cracks or chips at first but they will eventually lead to larger ones.  This can block your safe driving view which can cause an accident.  If you have a cracked windshield and you do get into an accident, your auto glass will break into billions of tiny pieces in your vehicle, increasing your safety risk.  If you have passengers in your automobile, the damage can also be more severe to … [Read more...]

Find the Best Windshield Replacement Company Now

At some point in your life your auto windshield will fall victim to bad weather or flying rocks from the excessive speeding semi-truck passing by.  One thing is for sure, you have to find a replacement windshield fast and installed safely and securely.  To ensure future problems don’t arise, you need to find the best auto glass replacement company. Below will help you find the best:The auto glass specialist works quickly but safely.Small auto glass chips and cracks can turn into bigger problems … [Read more...]