Important Reasons to get a Windshield Replacement

The average driver doesn’t realize how important the condition of your auto glass is.  Your windshield is the first thing that separates you and protects you from flying rocks and debris.  Windshield replacement is always unexpected but replacing your windshield at the first sign of damage will save you money in the long run.  Below are two important reasons to replace your chipped or cracked windshield when it’s damaged:Impaired VisionIn order to drive safe, you must be able to see out of your … [Read more...]

We Replace Windshields on All Vehicles

Auto Glass Replacement by American Windshield is your local choice for honest and professional service. We will replace your cracked windshield at your home or office with our free mobile glass service. We provide local auto glass service to drivers in San Francisco, CA, Portland, OR, Denver, CO, Phoenix, AZ, Tucson, AZ, Jacksonville, FL, Tampa, FL and Boston, MA.Why Choose American Windshield? You need a local auto glass company you can trust. We follow the national safety standards established … [Read more...]

Don’t Ignore Your Car’s Service Schedule

You don’t need an owner’s manual to tell you when your car needs gas but knowing when to service your car or get a new windshield replacement is not so obvious.  There’s obviously a difference between older model cars and newer models.  The older the vehicle, you need to review your owner’s manual to regularly check your vehicles oil and fluids.  New cars today are so high tech they will even tell you when your spare tire is low. I don’t know the stats but I would bet a huge percentage of car … [Read more...]

Tampa Auto Glass Replacement

Regardless of what major metro area you live in, auto glass shops are everywhere.  How does an active driver know who to call when a windshield replacement is needed?  If you live in Tampa, consider these factors when deciding:ReputationWe know a damaged windshield is always unexpected and you need it fixed right away, but take some time to research auto glass companies online.  Look at online directories like Yelp and review their reputation.  Check to see if other local customers received good … [Read more...]

A Tale of Two Cities Parade & Festival

We had a wonderful time at this second annual Tale of Two Cities Parade and Festival. In 2012, Avondale and Goodyear Arizona held the inaugural event celebrating the statehood Centennial. There was a little bit of everything for the community, with arts and crafts, international cuisine, music, vendor booths and a kid zone. Thank you to all who came out to see us there, and to those who stopped to talk to us. We are always happy to answer any questions. Just give us a call! … [Read more...]

American Windshield Speaks Out Against Windshield Replacement Scams

Recently the BBB in Kentucky published an article addressing windshield fraud and door-to-door sales people using high pressure tactics to get you to replace your windshield. Unfortunately, there are many dishonest people out there and it’s very important to be aware of all scam scenarios happening in every industry. However, one bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch. Not all windshield replacement and repair companies are dishonest or bullies. At American Windshield, we take car window … [Read more...]