Quality Auto Glass Replacement Services

Your vehicle is in good hands with the auto glass experts at American Windshield. We’ve built our reputation on honesty, hard work and reliable auto glass replacement services. Our technicians will service your vehicle anywhere within a 50 mile radius of the metro area. Your windshield or auto glass will be done right and we back it up with a lifetime warranty.Summer vacations are a few days away and you never know when you’ll be a victim of flying debris while traveling on highways and … [Read more...]

Auto Glass News: “Hottest” Cars for Auto Theft

Driving the coolest car on the block is very cool – unless your car is wanted by thieves.  Check out what cars are most popular with auto thieves. Every year, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) releases its list of the “top ten” most frequently stolen vehicles in the U.S. The most recent figures (from 2012) reveal a slight reversal of an eight-year trend in which thefts constantly declined. For 2012, the FBI is reporting a 1.3% increase over 2011.Regardless of auto theft stats in the … [Read more...]

8 Quick Tips about Auto Glass

Auto glass replacement and repair doesn’t have to be too difficult or time consuming.  American Windshield wants you to know that our technicians are experienced and dependable. Below are eight quick tips about our auto glass services that will make you feel more comfortable when we service your vehicle. We will make sure your auto glass meets federal safety standardsYour safety is our top priority.  It is vital that your auto glass meets federal safety standards.  In the event of a rollover, … [Read more...]

Cold Temps Turn Auto Glass Repair into Replacement

Across the United States drivers are experiencing cold weather and drastic temperature changes.  Even in the sunny southwest, drivers are on the cool side of the pillow in Phoenix, AZ and Tucson, AZ.  Cold weather creates a lot of stress on your windshield; especially if any of your auto glass has a chip or crack in it.  If you hold out too long, a simple chip repair will turn into a new Auto Glass Replacement.One way to help prevent this is to first warm up your car using your vents first.  … [Read more...]

New Windshield Replacement: Up to $250 Back!

In most states you may qualify to have your windshield replaced at no cost if you have auto glass coverage in your insurance policy for your vehicle.  Call American Windshield first and we will handle the entire claims process for you.  We will even call your insurance company for you!  We offer FREE mobile auto glass installation service to your home and office or any convenient location that works best for you. After we have installed your new windshield replacement and your paperwork has been … [Read more...]

Free Windshield Replacement & Repair

Every year, car owners install replacement windshields as a result of cracked windshields that were not repaired in a timely manner.  It can take weeks, even months, for chips or cracks to spread due to extreme changes in weather.  Auto glass repair is less expensive than a new windshield replacement.Free Windshield Repairs with InsuranceIf you carry comprehensive coverage on your insurance policy, most likely your insurance company will waive your auto deductible for auto glass repairs.  A … [Read more...]

Winter Tips for your Car Windshield

Fall has arrived throughout the U.S. and before you know it so will winter. When drivers in Denver, CO or Boston, MA think about winter car care, they usually think about buying new snow tires and making sure their radiator is flushed and ready to go. But your car or truck is also a prime candidate for a cracked windshield during the long winter months.Once the temperature really dips, think about your entire car, including your windshield. To help protect your vehicle’s windshield in cold … [Read more...]

Get a Free Auto Glass Replacement Quote Now

When the unexpected happens, like needing a windshield repaired or an auto glass replacement, most states will allow you to use the auto glass repair company of your choice. Most of the large insurance companies have an affiliation with a large auto glass company. Your local insurance agent may or may not instruct you to use their “approved” auto glass replacement company.If you’re caught in this situation, simply tell your insurance agent that you prefer to get one or two auto glass quotes … [Read more...]

Car Windshield Replacement

Your car windshield does more than just keep the rain out. Most drivers don’t realize a windshield maintains the structure of your car, works with the airbags and helps reduce the risk of being thrown out of your vehicle in case of a car accident. If you notice a large chip or crack on your windshield, call American Windshield as soon as possible to schedule a car windshield replacement.Our free mobile auto glass replacement service will replace your windshield at home, school or work so you … [Read more...]

Tampa Auto Glass Replacement

Regardless of what major metro area you live in, auto glass shops are everywhere.  How does an active driver know who to call when a windshield replacement is needed?  If you live in Tampa, consider these factors when deciding:ReputationWe know a damaged windshield is always unexpected and you need it fixed right away, but take some time to research auto glass companies online.  Look at online directories like Yelp and review their reputation.  Check to see if other local customers received good … [Read more...]