Replace Your Auto Glass the Right Way

Unfortunately, many drivers shop for the lowest cost windshield or auto glass.  The safety of you and your family should not go to the lowest bidder. The cheaper alternative might not be as qualified or trained to properly install your replacement windshield.  If installed incorrectly, your windshield could pop out during an accident and cause the roof of your car or truck to cave in.  In addition to proper installation, it is vital that the proper materials are used to bond your glass to your … [Read more...]

Tampa Auto Glass Replacement

Regardless of what major metro area you live in, auto glass shops are everywhere.  How does an active driver know who to call when a windshield replacement is needed?  If you live in Tampa, consider these factors when deciding:ReputationWe know a damaged windshield is always unexpected and you need it fixed right away, but take some time to research auto glass companies online.  Look at online directories like Yelp and review their reputation.  Check to see if other local customers received good … [Read more...]

Protect Your New Windshield Replacement

Since American Windshield specializes in windshield replacement, I want to make sure our customers are aware of simple tips on protecting your windshield.   Regardless if your windshield is a replacement or a recently repaired windshield, as our customer, your safety and satisfaction is our top priority.  We want to help you maintain and preserve your windshield and auto glass for as long as possible.Most drivers don’t realize that maintaining your wiper blades is essential to windshield … [Read more...]

Find the Best Windshield Replacement Company Now

At some point in your life your auto windshield will fall victim to bad weather or flying rocks from the excessive speeding semi-truck passing by.  One thing is for sure, you have to find a replacement windshield fast and installed safely and securely.  To ensure future problems don’t arise, you need to find the best auto glass replacement company. Below will help you find the best:The auto glass specialist works quickly but safely.Small auto glass chips and cracks can turn into bigger problems … [Read more...]