Affordable Replacement Windshield

Are you looking for professional and reliable auto glass replacement? Your car’s windshield is one of the most important safety factors on your car. Your windshield protects you from harmful flying debris and helps prevent you from being thrown out of your vehicle during an unexpected car accident.Flying rocks and stones are usually the reason your windshield gets cracked or destroyed if you live in the Phoenix, AZ or Tucson, AZ area. Unfortunately, from time to time you will need to find a … [Read more...]

Attention Windshield Replacement Customers

American Windshield wants you to have a complete understanding of our services and what goes into replacing your car windshield. The time we take to educate our customers is to ensure you feel confident our auto glass specialists will get the job done right every time. How long does an auto glass installation take? It usually takes up to one hour for our technician to install your new replacement windshield. After your new windshield has been installed, our auto glass technician will suggest … [Read more...]