Why You Should Call American Windshield Replacement and Auto Glass

Dings and cracks in your windshield are annoying, and like most of us you’re going to put it off. You think it will stay the same size and not cause any further damage. Sound familiar? With a blink of an eye, those small dings and cracks in your windshield ignore your silent wishes and get bigger! If you travel daily on busy freeways or heading out for vacation, you’re risking more debris hitting your windshield and cracking even more. Want to learn how to fix your auto glass on your own? We … [Read more...]

Replace Your Auto Glass the Right Way

Unfortunately, many drivers shop for the lowest cost windshield or auto glass.  The safety of you and your family should not go to the lowest bidder. The cheaper alternative might not be as qualified or trained to properly install your replacement windshield.  If installed incorrectly, your windshield could pop out during an accident and cause the roof of your car or truck to cave in.  In addition to proper installation, it is vital that the proper materials are used to bond your glass to your … [Read more...]

Find Convenient Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

Here at American Windshield we take pride with ourselves with excellent customer service and FREE mobile auto glass repair and replacement service.  Regardless of weather conditions, we will come to you and get you and your car back on the road fast and safely!  Call us and receive an instant cash quote for any new auto glass replacement or we will mail you a check for up to $250 if you file an auto glass claim with your insurance company.  Contact us today!How convenient is your mobile … [Read more...]

Cold Temps Turn Auto Glass Repair into Replacement

Across the United States drivers are experiencing cold weather and drastic temperature changes.  Even in the sunny southwest, drivers are on the cool side of the pillow in Phoenix, AZ and Tucson, AZ.  Cold weather creates a lot of stress on your windshield; especially if any of your auto glass has a chip or crack in it.  If you hold out too long, a simple chip repair will turn into a new Auto Glass Replacement.One way to help prevent this is to first warm up your car using your vents first.  … [Read more...]

Prepare Your Auto Glass for Winter

Happy Thanksgiving from American Windshield Replacement and Auto Glass!If you live in Denver, CO or Boston, MA, winter has arrived.  Some of us choose to stay away from the white stuff in cozy Phoenix, AZ or Tampa, FL.  Even though in some places there is no show to show, the weather is getting cooler.  Cold weather and auto glass do not make for a good couple.  Cold winter weather can be a safety concern for your car or truck’s windshield.  To ensure the safety of your auto glass, below are a … [Read more...]

Mobile Auto Glass Replacement & Repair in Denver

Our auto glass replacement and repair services in Denver ensure you and your car will get back on the road fast and safely.  First, we will thoroughly examine your cracked or chipped windshield to see if the damage is beyond repair.  If it is, we will install a replacement windshield within an hour in most cases.  The safety of you and your passengers is our top priority. Call our local Windshield Replacement Technicians at (720) 223-5440.Most chips are beyond repair if they are larger than a … [Read more...]

Call (904) 592-6868 for Auto Glass Replacement in Jacksonville, FL

American Windshield provides free mobile windshield replacement and repair services in the Jacksonville, FL metro area.  Our professional auto glass technicians offer a lifetime warranty on all materials and labor. Call us today at 904.592.6868 to schedule your auto glass appointment.  In most cases, we can offer same day replacement and repair service.  We will come to your home or work location with our free mobile auto glass service to complete the job right the first time. Not sure if a … [Read more...]

Best Quality Auto Glass Replacement Service

American Windshield and Auto Glass Replacement is a family owned business specializing in high quality work, excellent customer service and guaranteed satisfaction with every windshield replacement and repair.  Our auto glass technicians will complete the installation right the first time.  We replace all damaged windshields with a lifetime warranty on every new installation.  When it comes to chips and cracks, our technicians can fix it all and have you on the road looking like new.  If you … [Read more...]

Winter Tips for your Car Windshield

Fall has arrived throughout the U.S. and before you know it so will winter. When drivers in Denver, CO or Boston, MA think about winter car care, they usually think about buying new snow tires and making sure their radiator is flushed and ready to go. But your car or truck is also a prime candidate for a cracked windshield during the long winter months.Once the temperature really dips, think about your entire car, including your windshield. To help protect your vehicle’s windshield in cold … [Read more...]

Affordable Replacement Windshield

Are you looking for professional and reliable auto glass replacement? Your car’s windshield is one of the most important safety factors on your car. Your windshield protects you from harmful flying debris and helps prevent you from being thrown out of your vehicle during an unexpected car accident.Flying rocks and stones are usually the reason your windshield gets cracked or destroyed if you live in the Phoenix, AZ or Tucson, AZ area. Unfortunately, from time to time you will need to find a … [Read more...]