Why You Should Call American Windshield Replacement and Auto Glass

Dings and cracks in your windshield are annoying, and like most of us you’re going to put it off. You think it will stay the same size and not cause any further damage. Sound familiar? With a blink of an eye, those small dings and cracks in your windshield ignore your silent wishes and get bigger! If you travel daily on busy freeways or heading out for vacation, you’re risking more debris hitting your windshield and cracking even more. Want to learn how to fix your auto glass on your own? We … [Read more...]

Auto Glass News: “Hottest” Cars for Auto Theft

Driving the coolest car on the block is very cool – unless your car is wanted by thieves.  Check out what cars are most popular with auto thieves. Every year, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) releases its list of the “top ten” most frequently stolen vehicles in the U.S. The most recent figures (from 2012) reveal a slight reversal of an eight-year trend in which thefts constantly declined. For 2012, the FBI is reporting a 1.3% increase over 2011.Regardless of auto theft stats in the … [Read more...]

8 Quick Tips about Auto Glass

Auto glass replacement and repair doesn’t have to be too difficult or time consuming.  American Windshield wants you to know that our technicians are experienced and dependable. Below are eight quick tips about our auto glass services that will make you feel more comfortable when we service your vehicle. We will make sure your auto glass meets federal safety standardsYour safety is our top priority.  It is vital that your auto glass meets federal safety standards.  In the event of a rollover, … [Read more...]

New Windshield Replacement: Up to $250 Back!

In most states you may qualify to have your windshield replaced at no cost if you have auto glass coverage in your insurance policy for your vehicle.  Call American Windshield first and we will handle the entire claims process for you.  We will even call your insurance company for you!  We offer FREE mobile auto glass installation service to your home and office or any convenient location that works best for you. After we have installed your new windshield replacement and your paperwork has been … [Read more...]

Free Windshield Replacement & Repair

Every year, car owners install replacement windshields as a result of cracked windshields that were not repaired in a timely manner.  It can take weeks, even months, for chips or cracks to spread due to extreme changes in weather.  Auto glass repair is less expensive than a new windshield replacement.Free Windshield Repairs with InsuranceIf you carry comprehensive coverage on your insurance policy, most likely your insurance company will waive your auto deductible for auto glass repairs.  A … [Read more...]

Prepare Your Auto Glass for Winter

Happy Thanksgiving from American Windshield Replacement and Auto Glass!If you live in Denver, CO or Boston, MA, winter has arrived.  Some of us choose to stay away from the white stuff in cozy Phoenix, AZ or Tampa, FL.  Even though in some places there is no show to show, the weather is getting cooler.  Cold weather and auto glass do not make for a good couple.  Cold winter weather can be a safety concern for your car or truck’s windshield.  To ensure the safety of your auto glass, below are a … [Read more...]

New Windshield Replacement Referral Program

We want you to tell your friends and family about American Windshield!For each person you refer who books and holds a new windshield replacement appointment, we will pay you $10.NO LIMIT to how many people you refer.There is NO EXPIRATION DATE.REFERRALS are for NEW WINDSHIELD INSTALLATIONS ONLY.Please make sure your referral provides us with your name and contact information. American Windshield wants to get you back on the road fast and safely this holiday season.  Receive up to $250 on … [Read more...]

Mobile Auto Glass Replacement & Repair in Denver

Our auto glass replacement and repair services in Denver ensure you and your car will get back on the road fast and safely.  First, we will thoroughly examine your cracked or chipped windshield to see if the damage is beyond repair.  If it is, we will install a replacement windshield within an hour in most cases.  The safety of you and your passengers is our top priority. Call our local Windshield Replacement Technicians at (720) 223-5440.Most chips are beyond repair if they are larger than a … [Read more...]

Call (904) 592-6868 for Auto Glass Replacement in Jacksonville, FL

American Windshield provides free mobile windshield replacement and repair services in the Jacksonville, FL metro area.  Our professional auto glass technicians offer a lifetime warranty on all materials and labor. Call us today at 904.592.6868 to schedule your auto glass appointment.  In most cases, we can offer same day replacement and repair service.  We will come to your home or work location with our free mobile auto glass service to complete the job right the first time. Not sure if a … [Read more...]

Mobile Auto Glass Replacement Boston

At American Windshield we believe safety starts with you!  In addition to your car’s seat belts and airbags, your windshield is one of the most important safety features on your car.  If you’re in an accident your windshield helps keep you securely in your vehicle.  Call us first and don’t risk your family’s safety. With each windshield replacement, our installations come with a lifetime guarantee and your satisfaction is guaranteed.  American Windshield only uses the best urethane materials to … [Read more...]